The CFP® Difference


If you’re interested in hiring a financial advisor, you might find an advisor or two with the acronym "CFP" next to their name. CFP® stands for Certified Financial Planner, and designates that someone has passed the CFP® exam, thus meeting the requirements of the CFP® Board.

With more than 100 certifications available to financial professionals, the CFP® designation stands out. Those three letters show that someone is qualified in financial and investment planning, and that they provide an honest fiduciary benefit to their clients. Not everyone who calls themselves a financial advisor can say that.

The Importance of Ethics

CFP® Board’s Code and Standards benefits and protects the public, provides standards for delivering financial planning, and advances financial planning as a distinct and valuable profession. Here are the ethical standards of a CFP® professional:

Integrity, Objectivity, Competence, Fairness, Confidentiality, Professionalism, Diligence.

Meet Your Camarillo, California CFP®

Eric Smith is a local CFP® professional who seeks to help individuals pull their finances together, solve unique financial problems, and make a plan to pursue your financial goals.

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