Our Founder

David M. Smith

David M. Smith

Founder of David M. Smith & Associates and Lifetime Planning.

Our founder, David M. Smith

David M. Smith started Lifetime Planning (then called David M. Smith and Associates) in July of 1989 due to his desire to help others succeed with their financial goals. All of us at Lifetime Planning will always be thankful for the support, time and care that David put into this company.

David constantly looked for ways to help improve how people saved, invested and planned for their retirement years. Always putting the client first and going above and beyond the normal call of duty were things he never even had to consider doing, he just did them. Many of David's longtime clients became personal friends over the years. David has left a legacy of caring for clients and an ethical business culture.

For a little glimpse of what David is doing in his retirement you can watch this YouTube video.  https://youtu.be/8mJtnXytDAM

David's youngest son Eric joined the business in 1999 after graduating from Pepperdine School of Law. David encouraged Eric to give the family business a try.  Eric did just that and has been with Lifetime Planning ever since, taking over the business management when David retired in October of 2016.

Over the years, David’s oldest son Brandon M. Smith became involved with technical and IT work at Lifetime Planning and still is the “I.T. guru” at Lifetime Planning.

Looking forward with a multigenerational focus, Lifetime Planning’s purpose is still true to its roots: Our mission is your financial independence.

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