Wealth Protection

The Most Important Piece

When it comes to preserving wealth - especially over multiple generations - the most important piece of the puzzle is a conversation with your beneficiaries. These conversations can be awkward, hard, and challenging as you impart wisdom onto your children or other beneficiaries, but very necessary to ensure assets are kept or used wisely.

Over the years as we've helped our clients facilitate these conversations, we've also noticed getting the "family together" for these conversations is one of the hardest parts. So, we put together a one page brochure you can bring home to your family and help get the conversation started.

This brochure speaks to both "sides" - you and your children, family, or other beneficiaries and helps solidify the importance of setting up a family wealth planning call!

Download the checklist

Additional Info

For more information on extended care click the link below for a short video.

Extended Care: A patchwork of possibilities