Surviving Spouse's Check List

<strong>We Understand the Challenge</strong>

We Understand the Challenge

Losing a spouse (or long time significant other) can be one of the greatest challenges and most difficult periods in one’s life. We don’t want to minimize the grieving, heartache, and so much more that takes place for people when they experience such a loss. 

We can begin to help by providing one tool to track the practical sorts of things that still need to get done even when you are not in a good space to do them.  There is so much to do and so many things to keep track of that having a checklist can be helpful.  We have put together this checklist from many sources and hope that in a small way it can help you or someone that you care about go through the necessary financial, legal, and just plain paperwork steps that need to get done.

Click the link below for the PDF version of the checklist.