How to time your application for Social Security.

September 29, 2014

The timing aspect I am referring to in this post is not how to utilize one of the strategies that we teach in our upcoming seminars (www. but rather a basic guide to getting your benefits setup and your payments coming when they should be.

Once you have determined the age that is appropriate for you to claim your benefits you need to give the S.S. administration about three months lead time to have your benefits start on time.  Sometimes they process this a bit faster but the risk of waiting and hoping they process your paperwork in time for your first payment to show up isn’t really worth the stress.

The fastest way is to apply online at You still may apply in person if you are willing to spend some time at the S.S. office filling out paperwork.


Payments are sent out based on your date of birth. 


                Born                                      Benefits paid each month on


                1-10th of month                 Second Wednesday

                11-20th of month              Third Wednesday

                21-31st of month               Fourth Wednesday


If you are claiming based on survivor benefits you may apply any time after the spouse has passed away.  Keep in mind if you are not FRA (Full Retirement Age) you will have a reduction in benefits.

For more tips and detailed explanation on the importance of researching your claiming strategies and incorporating your S.S. planning into your retirement income stream we invite you to register for our free event covering all the topics in the blog and more.


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