28 Years for Lifetime Planning

June 15, 2016

Year 28

June, 2016



We begin our 28th year as a family owned financial advisory firm with big news that in some way isn’t “news” because our founder thought it through long ago and planned for it in stages.

Financial planner David M. Smith, CFP™, founder of David M. Smith and Associates, which became Lifetime Planning, Inc., is officially retiring this year. While he has maintained a very low profile for the last year or so, being “nearly completely retired,” he has decided that this year he will become 100% retired so he can just have fun and can avoid our phone calls when they’re about work.

Joking aside, David and Barbara deserve to take it easy now and enjoy other pursuits. David is engaged in his church, civic life, and recreational activities. Lifetime Planning exists and will continue to do so because of David’s caring and dedicated work and his desire to create a better life for himself and his family. He created something in this firm that will last, especially in the way that we treat clients and the importance we place on our clients’ goals and successes.

Many things in our business have changed and certainly will continue to do so as we move onward through time, but our goal of serving and our commitment to helping our clients will always guide us. We hope that you agree that we are succeeding in our mission.

­­­David’s way of doing business is always ethical and even self-deprecating—yet he succeeded in building a strong business, never sacrificing the long term perspective and his values for short term “gains.” That is a wise way to run a business as well as a prudent investment philosophy.  We hope to continue his legacy in all respects and be able to someday look back many years from now and say, “David would still be proud.”                        

We look forward to helping our clients for years to come and assisting them with their most important financial decisions. That’s our core mission and one that we feel we have learned well from the man who started it all.

Eric S. Smith, JD, CFP™ continues as branch manager and President with investment advisor representatives Brandon M. Smith, Bill Walters, and Office Manager Wendy Taylor rounding out the crew.  

Lifetime Planning is a Camarillo, California based registered investment advisory firm, specializing in retirement income planning. Our representatives provide securities through LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC. Lifetime Planning is not affiliated with LPL Financial.