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You’ve spent your lifetime building up your wealth, but now the question becomes - how can I best pass this on to future generations?

While this may sound like estate planning, traditional estate planning is focused on financial assets and concerned with avoiding probate and estate taxes. On the other hand, Family Wealth Planning is concerned with the financial and non-financial assets of a family, and fostering the conversation in a positive and practical way.

We help you answer the question...

How can you successfully transfer wealth to the next generation?

In short, it’s complicated. The process looks different for every family because no two family financial situations are the same. Moreover, your family’s wealth is always evolving!

The best way to arrive at a truly comprehensive plan for managing your unique portfolio is to hire a wealth manager and tap into their broad and deep experience in investment, tax, legal, and family wealth planning.

By adopting the most updated tax strategies, properly forming your estate plan, and making the best use of investment vehicles, we can help you effectively manage all the details of your family wealth.

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